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Hacks & Tricks

which we use to find the best ticket prices


Routes hack & trick

Some routes, stops, and durations are offered in certain countries while unavailable in others. Anyone could buy them, all you need is a link.

Agencies hack & trick


Some agencies promote themselves in one country and don't promote in others. Still, they could have the best offer in the world. You could save up to $200 on a long flight.

Service Fees

Countries hack & trick

International agencies and airlines ask different service fees depending on the country where you buy tickets. You could overpay $15 and even more just because of a coutnry.


Kirill Kudin

Kirill Kudin

I like to hack this world

In 2012 I launched startup WiFi Map - mobile platform where people can share WiFi passwords for public places.

During next 3 years we built strong social community (40M+ downloads in AppStore & Google Play) and our users shared over 5M WiFi hotspots worldwide.

In 2016 I sold that company. Now: AviaSecret, Family, Yoga.

Dzmitry Plashchynski

Dzmitry Plashchynski

Passionate about tech

In 2012 we’ve launched WiFi Map — a mobile platform to share WiFi passwords for public places.

There were 3 years of hard work to meet the technical needs of the rapidly growing project. I am mostly self-taught a life-long learner with a great passion for technologies.

Now: AviaSecret, Travel, Books.